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Copenhagen Jazz Festival


1453, Sankt Peders Stræde 28c, 2. Sal
Copenhagen, Denmark
em. kenneth@jazz.dk


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Date Event Time / Price
Apr28Sat Latin Jazz & Bossa Nova - Rogério Kalinowski - 48 timer 21:00
May31Thu Fringe Jazz Fest Warm-up Party #2 // Fringe Jazz Fest All Stars 22:00
Jun6Wed Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer(CAN) 23:00
Jul4Wed ANELOGI feat. Cathrin Jensen (jazz/soul & moderne dans) 23:00
Jul6Fri Jazzjam 05:00
20 kr
Jul7Sat Jazzjam 05:00
20 kr
Jul8Sun Jazzjam 05:00
20 kr

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Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Copenhagen Jazz Festival is one of the largest and most respected music events of its kind in Europe and serves as a rendezvous for trades people, jazz enthusiasts and culture-minded folks in general. With over 250,000 guests per year, the festival is a tourist attraction as well. Copenhagen Jazz Festival takes place all over the the Danish capital in the first week of July. This numbers to 100 venues and approximately 1000 concerts every year. The festival pays tribute to the freedom and fluctuations of jazz music as an art form and its treatment of musical aesthetics. It is the necessity for jazz to try something new, while preserving its more classical expression - that is the basis for its enduring success, making it capable of seducing new audiences, year after year

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Seating capacity: 263

Directions: Getting there By plane Copenhagen international airport is easy to reach from various destinations all over the world. To compare airfares and book the most economical flights to Copenhagen check out search engines such as Travelocity.com, OrbItz.com or Kayak.com. By train or bus If you are traveling from the European continent there are several ways to reach Copenhagen by train or bus. For more information on travel and transport check the official tourist site of Visit Denmark. Getting around Copenhagen is a small city and it is easy to get around either by metro, bus or do as the Danes – by bicycle. Just grab a free Citybike from one of the 110 bike-racks in the centre of the city. Save money The Copenhagen Card gives you free entry to 65 museums and attractions throughout the Greater Copenhagen Region including free entrance to Tivoli. Furthermore, cOPENhagen CARD gives you free transport by train, bus and Metro.

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