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Your Favourite Jazz


Kronborggade 6, 1. th
2200 Copenhagen N, COPENHAGEN 2200
ph. +4529724639
em. jazz@yfr.dk


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Your Favourite Jazz your favourite jazz is the jazz-subsidiary of your favourite records. dedicated to bringing you the most interesting of the young, booming danish jazz-scene, we're proud to present a variety of extraordinary music: the mellow, laid-back melancholic tones, known as

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  1. Into The Open Sarah Elgeti Quintet
    Into The Open
    March 12, 2012
  2. As Played by Ear Rasmus Ehlers featuring George Garzone
    As Played by Ear
    August 02, 2010
  3. A Call For Silence Petrus Kapell
    A Call For Silence
    April 25, 2010
  4. From Out Here Soren Bebe Trio
    From Out Here
    February 02, 2010
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